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Tristan Rutherford, 35

Tristan RutherfordBrought up in Britain and the Bahamas, Tristan set foot in over 50 countries before the age of 25. His cultural appetite is voracious and he loves steeping in ancient and modern history, pre-, post- and during his travels. Tristan also lectures in travel journalism at several universities including Central Saint Martins in London and Bilgi University in Istanbul. He lists his hobbies as reading the newspaper, drinking wine, going for walks, long train rides, sailing, eating squid and cooking.

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Kathryn Tomasetti, 37

Katherine TomasettiEducated in Milwaukee, Milan and Manchester, Kathryn's entire working career has been in the art and travel spheres. At ease juggling three simultaneous cellphone numbers, she has set up Dali exhibitions in the Far East, reviewed private islands off the Dalmatian coast, and conducted art tours along the French Riviera. While travel is her passion, Kathryn is a true foodie. She hunts down little-known farmers' markets and cooking courses the world over. She is also an avid yoga and knitting enthusiast when not watching Columbo, Poirot and Downton Abbey on DVD.